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Tuesday, July 06, 2004



hi My name is manas mahodaya i am from india i wanna get paid to write as a blogger

pl tell me how its possible


Yvonne DiVita

A woman on the global edge...I like it! May I ask for an interview? If you haven't seen my blog yet, it's over at Lip-sticking (ask Wayne, he has it listed on his blog) and I do interviews of Smart Women Online, as well as Smart Men Online, every Thurs. This week I'm posting Wayne's interview. I like your idea of becoming a paid writer as a blogger. That would make for a fabulous blog interview. It's not a paying job, but my interviews get triple the traffic of my day to day blogs...so, you might get some attention out of it. Let me know!

Trevor Cook

Good luck with the professional blogging

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