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October 01, 2004



Thanks for forgiving me for being late. You did a great job - makes me a little nervous for next week. :)


Uh-oh, I know I e-mailed in my link... For those who check the comments, here it is:


Chris Farley

I really did start a blog. I was feeling very left out. Everything sounds good this week.


Tomato Bouillon is great in pasta water. Also beef or chicken is good.


I wanted an original name for my blog, so when I am looking for a name of something, I turn to thesaurus.com. Searched for Amy and found the following term:

Pro"chein\, a. [F. prochain, fr. L. (assumed) proximanus, fr. proximus.] Next; nearest.
Prochein ami or amy(Law), the next friend. See under Next.

Hey, that’s me! Your next friend. And why does it apply? Honestly, I am way too nice. People who know me, know that if you don’t get along with me and I am unable to get along with you, you don’t get along with anybody!! (Well maybe someone, but not very many.)

And to quote the infamous GI Joe, "Now you know and knowing is half the battle!"


Prochein Amy, that's very cute.

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