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November 05, 2004


mary mccoy

i just wanted to tell you i just lost my dad. we also had hospice in and had lost my mom two years ago. dad had colorectal cancer for a year. i was with him when he died. i held his hand and two days before he died he went into a semi-coma. he had no pain or suffering. when he died he just did some shallow breathing and then it stopped. hospice was with us around the clock. i don't know you but my heart goes out to you. my dad died july 28 and i just can't seem to get over it. it is such a struggle. i just want him back. i am thankful to God though that he didn't suffer. he never had pain until the last week. and then hospice immediately put him on morphine. so we were very fortunate. it will be a difficult thanksgiving and xmas. God bless you.


My thoughts go out to you.

Be well.

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