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September 01, 2005



I am upset over the experience I had in your store today. I came in to cash a payroll check. They refused it because my company did not put their address on the check. It is a very well known store in this country. I am also a customer of Carnival. I have been for years. I am sorry that you had a few bad people cash bad checks with you. But you are taking this out on your regular loyal customers. Where is this fair to us. It is bad enough you charge five dollars to cash a check. Which I was willing to pay. But I went to Krogers and they graciously cashed my check with no charge to me. Which I feel that they are going to get my business from now on. I shopped there before Festival and Carnival came into existance. I will shop where I feel that I am treated with decency not embarassed in front of other customers. This isnt the first time that I have been unsatisfied with the customer service there. But with this incident I feel that I will be better taking my business else where.

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