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April 12, 2004



know that the lord has his CHURCH on the earth to day Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are to different person but they both look a like and do not go against one another they both agree to what the other says . this is why it says that they are as one and this is why we are tought to all so be as one and not fight or cause problums to others and to love one another seek the lords church and you will know the things that i speek are true and great are the blessings that i have in my life if it were not for the lord puting his church on the earth in these last days we all would be distroyed like the great flood but the lord said that he would not do that Again and give man a chance to repent for this cause he has put his church on the earth if i tell you the name ot his church you will not beleave for this cause you must seek . please do not say that this is not true for i know it is . may the lord guide you to his church if you seek it AMEN .DANIEL

Mark Hegedus

God is my Heavenly Father and my brother, Jesus Christ will be returning soon to pick me and all the rest of God's children up to attend the largest Family reunion the world will ever see.
I hope you, your family and friends are ready for this event to take place!!!

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