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December 08, 2004


David Mobley

The Crossroads link is broken.

Trudy W. Schuett

I copied and pasted the links I was sent -- if you've got a working link, pls send it along and I'll be happy to add it!


Mark S.


Thanks for fixing the salutation I gave you before posting my note. I'm probably too politically correct!

Mark S.

La Shawn

You forgot to include my submission. Did I miss the deadline?

Jeremy Pierce

The Affluenza link:


Jeremy Pierce

The Off the Top post on contraception has some extra code in it and won't work. Here's the link:




Dear Mr. Buchanan,

I shall not be renewing my subscription to your
AMERICAN CONSERVATIVE rag because I can no longer
admire your standing up to the neocons. They at least
are loyal to something. Unfortunately, you are as much
of a con as the neocons. Goldwater said: better right
than win. But you are a total phony. On the
Scarborough Country MSNBC program-- it may be
Scarborough's country but not the America I defended
and supported-- you said that "we" are going to set
the laws and choose who comes into our country, not
illegals breaking our laws. Who is "we," the Irish
potato famine" refugees who came here and raised hell
or a century?

You speak of law and order and no amnesty. But what
about the Amnesty that your "America" has requested
from the Japanese Americans and the Black Americans
who suffered racial and criminal abuse at the hands of
people like you-- should they grant your likes

We were both with Nixon and we were both there when
Conservatism started as a movement in the 1960s. So no
one can fool anyone. Forgiveness is what REAL
Christians do as it is what REAL Americans do-- as so
many Black and Japanese Americans forgave the likes of
you. People pay for their crimes and sins. But as an
old man you continue to be a fraud trying to cash in
on your own polemical larceny now as ever. I say that
because in all your blah-blah in support of the
Congress-passed Bill that makes it a felony for an
illegal alien to work in the US and for an American to
hire one, you never once mentioned that the felony of
hiring an illegal alien does not go into effect for
SIX MORE YEARS. That's in order to give time for the
grubby business men who hire illegals to avoid the
same catastrophic fate that befalls an illegal worker
caught working in your kind of America.

In the end you are more of a scumbag than the neocons
and a cheap old political whore, condemning Bush for
recklessly causing the deaths of American heroes in
Iraq but the supporting his re-election so he can
continue causing the death of young American heroes in
Iraq. Phonies like you need to be cut loose and
amputated from the Conservative movement, amputated
like an infected limb, before it can recover from its
own fundamental moral corruption.

Keep your rag, American Conservative, for you are
neither a REAL American (having evaded war service)
nor a real Conservative (having hidden from view a
Congressional Bill you peddle that makes it a
felonious crime to work but not to hire such felonious
criminals. That does not make you a
"Paleoconservative" just a crud!

Daniel E. Teodoru

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