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January 12, 2005


Andrea womack

May God bless you and your fellow soldiers.
We will keep you in prayer.
Thank you for your service.

Helen Butler

I join in pray with everyone else to keep our troops in mind and pray for their safety and their return home to their family. May God place is loveing protective sprit around them all. May the people they are helping see and actknowdgle the Holy Spirt that is upon our Troops.


I pray every day for everyone, specially my family in Iraq , I ask God to go after who caused all this pain to our family and yours, although my country is been ruiened !!!!
but, God will forgive who caused that pain for me and for you.I hope my parents will be safe also each one of you will come back home safe and soud.
God Bless All Iraqi People , they're the best.

Annie Azizian , Jan,17,2005

barbara jenkins

Dear Chaplain:
We are praying for the safety of our soldiers and the election take place without incident. May the Living God of the Old and New Testaments give our soldiers and the citizens of Iraq divine protection from all harm and evil intent. May the enemy be confused and thwarted and defeated in all things. May our soldiers have victory through Christ the Savior. Let freedom ring.


1. I must ask this, since we've seen so many false emails like this one, does anyone know if this person exists and did he really send the eamil?
2. Even if he doesn't or didn't, we shall continue praying for our soldiers and the upcoming election. I pray the evil doers are captured and justice is administered.

Trudy W. Schuett

The chaplain sending the e-mail is personally known to Rev. Mackay and we have the original e-mail. I left out the return e-mail addy, but it did come from Chaplain Lyle shackleford, who really is in Iraq.


I pray for Annie and her family ,my brother Trevor, and hope that the country will someday have the freedom to vote for a leader without fear of losing their life to vote for a leader that determines their lifestyles,thoughts and values .....I have always believed that goodness and love even in small amounts,endures as an example and becomes stronger and will ALWAYS grow stronger and last longer than any people that need to control others for its survival ...(as opposed to defending the freedoms and rights of diverse religions and beliefs of millions that have learned through tolerance,education and just out of love for humanity to agree to disagree (respecting the laws that physically protect us) A peaceful acceptance. I pray for much more peace and safety for us ALL!!.......and if we would only TRY and VISUALIZE and PRAY for world peace and safety DAILY that it will come to us all!!!IF YOU CAN DREAM IT..and pray for it ....It CAN HAPPEN!!!...BELIEVE!!!


Em junho de 1998, meu pai assistia tv de madrugada estorvando meu sono, eu disse que ia travar o tv, o tv travou sozinho, meu pai me mandou destravar, quando destravei o tv, vi a jornalista Renata Vianello, o diabo passou a por na minha cabeça a ideia de possui-la, só falta eu me retorcer para eu negar isso, já não aguento mais. Esta é a Renata: http://www.bandnews.com.br/imagens/apresentador_renata.jpg De formosura diabólica, loira, olhos azuis, alta, eu nem conheço pessoalmente e quero esquecê-la para sempre mas ainda não consegui, eu não quero ela. Estou a ponto de conhecer minha futura mulher na Igreja Universal e não vou carregar lembranças dessa Renata pela minha vida. Ou Deus tira minha vida ou tira esse diabo que põe essas idéias estúpidas na minha cabeça. MEU DEUS ME AJUDA!!!!

Moira French

Please tell the Chaplain that my prayer group prays for Iraq every Thursday night but we will pray specifically for his battalion tonight. We will really place some protection on these soldiers. Expect to see miracles of protection and safety and God's power from now until the end of the elections. Greater is He that is in us, than he that is in them! We have dominion and authority over the works of Satan and we are really going to take that authority when we pray tonight. Let the soldiers know - they are COVERED - by people who really care about them, even if they don't know them.


Trudy, will you please send me an e-mail about the above letter, I can get this request out to a very large number of people. Thank you!

Perrin Burchfield

I will espicially pray for you and the others that want their freedoom and oour soldiers over there espicially my husband.

Perrin Burchfield

I will pray all the time until our troops all come home espicially my husband.


Lyle, I saw your mother on the news on tv tonight, so I know your story is true and real. You have a good heart and a wonderful mother. I am honored to say to say a prayer for you and your unit, as well as my nephew who is in Kirkut. May God keep you safe and protect the many good people striving to help the people stand on their own.

Becky Wilson

I would like to say god bless in all you men and women of uniform ,do for our country. You all are in my prayers and thoughts.
It never really hits home until you have a loved one over there. I send all my love and thouhgts to each and every one, especially PVT Ryan Boggs, of FT. Benning Ga,and PVT Julie Boggs of the Nebraska army reseerves.

Art Woods

I pray on for the American Soldiers in Iraq and throughout the World. That God will hold them from harm as they do his work, as they try to bring peace to the oppressed.
As God calls some of his children to him may thier passing be swift and merciful.
In Gods name.

Art Woods

The Troops throughout the world need Phone Cards so they can call their families.
Your help is needed...
Support our Troops and send $5.00 or $10.00 Phone cards to the address shown at the following link for the
USO - http://www.uso.org/

Trudy W. Schuett

Sorry, but the phone card thing is no longer valid. They already have more phone cards than they could possibly use.

Ron Morgner

Thank you for your valiant dedication. I'm sure your outreach of prayers will touch our Heavenly Father in a way that will give you the courage and protection you need to fulfill your valuable mission. We join you in calling upon the power of prayer.


Meu pai tem um gênio desgraçado, é um arrogante, diz que é de Deus mas briga à toa. Diz que só ele tem batismo no Espírito Santo. É artista plástico, seu nome Cypriano Guariglia. Vive falando de expor suas obras de arte, mas não sai do lugar. Não converso com ele de jeito nenhum. Se alguém quiser ore por ele.


please pray for God will get me out from what i have Him,God knows what is it. thanks for your prayer and will take me to where i want to be in


Please pray for my girlfriend, she’s recovering from depression, strong anxiety, panic attacks and agoraphobia, she’s getting better with my help and the prayers of good people. She must now get a job, be self-sufficient, stronger and more confident. She also needs the support from her close family, witch don’t help as much as desirable. Thank you for your prayers.




My prayers were with you and all who took part in the elections, now our troops need prayers for those of our children who have fallen and those of our children who are left behind to deal with the death of a fellow soldier. If you read this Lyle, please pray for our soldiers who are left behind and thier pain at the loss of a comrad in arms.


My prayers were with you and all who took part in the elections, now our troops need prayers for those of our children who have fallen and those of our children who are left behind to deal with the death of a fellow soldier. If you read this Lyle, please pray for our soldiers who are left behind and thier pain at the loss of a comrad in arms.


please pray for God will give me an excellent memory about my resources,life and who am i really are.thanks for your prayer

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