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November 29, 2007



I believe Jesus would have re-considered his actions based on the current state of society.


The Day I Spent with My Father

After attending a group meeting of friends within my church, the leader spoke a phrase that stuck in my head… “Whatever God wants you to do will weigh on your mind, so just go and do it. If it is ironing, then go iron…” (There were a bunch of freaked out moms in the group, because summer had just started.) After a lot of thought that evening, I woke up on Thursday morning with the “Plan” to only do what God told me… make no plans, and truly give it over to Him. I could do this for a whole day… right?

Each and every one of us has the ability to hear and obey God. Some see Him as a giant man in white robes looking down, others envision him differently. But to hear, and know it’s Him… that is completely different. I once had a friend that used to say “God is screaming at me, I just can’t hear what he is saying”. That friend wasn’t looking for God, but for excuses to not do anything. God doesn’t scream, he comes into our heads with a tiny whisper, and if you are screaming, you won’t hear it. Psalm 46:10 even spells that out…”Be still and know that I am God” That we humans have the audacity to “think” that we plan and create our own destiny blows Him away.

The very first thought I had that day was “God, what are we going to do today”… immediately my thought was “get up”… which isn’t normal, but I listened and obeyed.

Next came: “go outside and sit for a minute”. Well, I’m a smoker, so that wasn’t hard… especially with a cup of coffee! But, when I went to grab my book I’m reading, another one flew into my head… “Get that Bible over there instead”. Again, I did it. Outside on my porch, I “randomly” (you learn nothing with God is random), opened the Bible to wherever it fell… Matthew 6:33 “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and His righteousness, and ALL these things will be added unto you”… WOW, that was a pretty big promise first thing in the morning!

For the next couple of hours, I went about my morning this way, acting immediately on my first thought. What I learned was that when you trust and are obedient with each and every decision that you make, the stress of decision making is erased from your life. I once heard that the greatest stress comes from constant decisions… what to wear, what to say, where to go… how to treat someone, be nice, don’t overreact, and all of these constant decisions make things harder than they have to be. I’ve always heard the term “let go and let God”, but until that day I didn’t even begin to understand what that meant.

I completed the entire day in this focused manner, and realized at the end of the day, that not only had I spent an entire day with no stress, but also with no guilt, or blame, or negative feelings. I “randomly” (yeah right) opened the Bible at all the times that I was “told”, and a common theme emerged: “Don’t worry about what to say, I’ll put the words in your mouth”. I had no idea about the application of this one, until I had a dream Thursday night of writing on a paper, and words flowing from my pen that I didn’t know about. So, I’m writing this today, hopefully to help someone understand the absolute beauty and peace that comes from listening to God. It’s the exact same feeling as a child when an authority figure in your life patted you on the head and said “Good Job”… God pats us on the head with answered prayers, sickness healed and daily miracles… we just need to be “still” enough to notice.

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