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December 03, 2007


G.S. Zennelli

Considering the factors of the individual consciousness of the human mind, is in relation to the wholistic soul that has been created by; an omnipotent most powerfull and loving creator of; every single and multipil of elements known and still to be comprehended. Relations to the extended world of the physical world of material and heavy energy of experience, to the inside of the human consciousness, where the self awareness; is in perpective towards the moments of living in relation to the environment of the surrounding atmosphere, that is in a concept; the human rights of the very planet that is so, as a living being in a universe that is awesome and more complex and sophisticated than; any other form and or, structure that is in the reaches of the very civilization that is present in the world today; before, and forever on so to come. So, who is the very being that is the life giver of all the aspects that can be condiered as the one element that is the sourse of all creation? God, not his god or my god, but god the savior, lord, freind of the poor, who are rich in spirit, giver of life, to those who have tasted death, light in the darkness so that you may find your way. Not his way or my way, but the way. To where?, Heaven. Have joy on the journey, and peace in your heart, find the blessings to obtain.


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