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January 14, 2008


Nathan Dufour Oglesby

These verses have always struck me, particularly "as far as the east is from the west, so far has he removed..." It is a bottomless poetry, I think! Consider the implication: East and West is relative. If we move East, the ability to go West follows us. It is the case with the forgiveness of our transgressions. We are forgiven no matter how or where we move, and yet we can and must choose the right direction, the right action. The ability to sin abides, but so does the adjacent ability to do right. Like I said, it's bottomless. For East is both far from, and not far from, but right by and within, West. And we are removed from, yet are while yet in the world, still in the midst of, our sin.

G.S. Zennelli

Attention world giants, perhaps the upcoming election is to verify the onslot of many people. Perhaps not, but the question is, what happened to all the money that was owed to the corporate industries that are now on their knees, hoping for the Koreans to delay the retribution that is set and is about to be followed through upon? Why, does the governement of the United States of America, have 700 Billion dollars readily at hand to dispense to the 'big boys,' when the only reason there is any concern for them, is because of the investors that have shares in the stocks of these, 'mega tycoons' industries in the economy? The US. is deliberatley taking away liberties of it's own people, by placing the bill for these 'monopoly players,' when instead the bill should go to the oil industries, they seem to be booming. But, wait, of course no one wants to with hold money from the Korean investment stock share owners, so yeah, the US. better pay up or, 'war?' "Milk, what milk?"


I believe that if we live our lives righteously, how Jesus showed us to conduct ourselves down on earth ... is when we truly live and experience all the beauty that life has to offer. If, however, we choice not to live righteously, live and believe in our own EGO (which is to Erase God Out) is what is considered dead, dead of emotions, dead of all the goodness in life.

Taking the righteous paths in life, works for me.



"No other God can do that."

So you're admitting that you believe that are other gods out there...you just chose that one because the story sounds prettier or it benefits you more than say, Vishnu or Diana...


God is great.God doing every think.
he is creator of all universe.

if your wish is achieve everything.then you play to GOD.


tiago dinis

Sins are a creation of the church to control people. There are things that are good, and some that aren't, but nothing is a sin.

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