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February 13, 2008



first of all, thank you so much for your heart for reaching the lost via the internet. Where people are going to spend eternity is such an important question and I like that you attack the common misconception that most people are going to heaven. I hope that, from a fellow beleiver, you will take to heart a few critiques of your blog--as iron sharpening iron.
I have been studying Biblical evangelism for a while now and have found some tactics helpful for making the gospel clear.
First of all, most people don't know what "sin" is... or they have a very exaggerated view of it (everyone sees murdering someone as a sin)The bible says that sin is lawlessness (1 John 3:4). When we break God's law (the 10 commandments) we sin. God has even written this law on our hearts (Romans 2:15)and that is why we feel guilty when we break this law. When we realize that we have broken God's law, that he made known to us through our conscienses, God's just punishment makes a lot more sense. And without knowledge of this punishment, the importance of salvation is minimized. Biblical Christianity does not offer life enhancement or a break from troubles (look at the life of the disciples). A patient is less likely to recieve treatment (especially if it is uncomfortable) if he is not convinced that he has a disease. A sinner will not truly repent (take the cure) if he does not understand what he is being saved from (his disease that leads to death).
As Christians we hold onto our salvation so dearly because we know that we truly deserve hell, and yet, God has saved us out of His choosing alone, to live in harmony with him. There is so much more to say, but rather than exhaust you with that, I pray that you will check out the ministry that has truly changed the way I evangelize:
Thank you so much again for this method of outreach, this blog will be in my prayers.



Rev. J.P. Wieloch

Did I post here already?


Church of God

Great Post. It is true, simply believing in God does not secure you a place in Heaven. Sinners can believe and keep on sinning - one must live in a manner true the to Bible's teachings to earn a place in Heaven!


With Jesus, Yeshua, Essa, God the Light.

Joe Burrage

Where was "God" when a 5 year old innocent child was eaten by a crocodile in Austrailia? If "God" is real, r merciful, then why did he allow this to happen to that little boy? Now, the fa,ily will betortured by the event for life.


Austin Hook

I find one thing confusing. I see the point how believing in God is insufficient for salvation, since even the demons in Hell know there is a God, but are you saying the those same demons in Hell don't even know that Jesus is the son of God? If not, then has God somehow kept it a secret from them? It seems to me that they must know. So even knowing that Jesus is the son of God would also be insufficient for salvation, so there must be still an additional requirement.

Milk River, Alberta


I'm new to this site.
But, I felt compelled to add a comment.
You said simply believing that there is a heaven doesn't guarantee that you will go to heaven. I agree wholeheartedly with this.
Simply believing that there is a heaven, doesn't mean there is a heaven, in the same way that believing in a God doesn't mean that there is a God, or believing that His Son was sent down to earth, he died and went away again somehow makes any of it real or true.
Thanks for listening!


Forgiveness through
Jesus Christ
is the only way to

There is life after death


A Friend of God's

Do not think either that you have already received sufficient of God's grace to enter heaven, or that you have done works worthy of such an eternity, for neither of these is true. If you are in heaven, then will you be in heaven. To know God is to be in His presence. Yet many who say they know him and say also that they are saved, neither know Him, nor are in a state of grace. To know God and have seen God, as I know Him, having seen Him, is to know that no one can live in heaven who has any desire left in their heart for their own welfare or even salvation. I am no prophet, but a Friend of God and I share this with you. God and His Christ seek nothing for themselves, yet have all things.

Many who say that they know God, or speak His word, seek blessings, and not the blessing of love in their hearts, but of wealth and health and esteem among their fellow beings. Are you such a person? Seek not these things, but seek love, unconditional, and you shall find God where He resides most in this earth.

Within you.

A Friend of God

A. Christoforo

god is dead


not in heaven... b/c no where in the Bible does it say that men will dwell where God dwells. It speaks of God dwelling amongst us, but not of "going to heaven." The Kingdom of God must be established here on earth. Amen.


You are all fools.

Your religion paints you as weak, sinful peons…of course you are afraid, overbearing, control freaks. People of the faith have it drilled into their heads that their god controls every part of their life, from career to day of death. Every little minute detail of your very existence is planned before your grandparent’s parents were even conceived. Of course this kind of message would leave you feeling weak. If our lives are planned out then no matter what we do it is part of the plan. You could spontaneously combust and that would be part of god’s plan. You could eat saltine crackers until you asphyxiate and that would be part of god’s plan. No matter what you do, it’s part of his plan. So, in that respect you must assume that me being an atheist is part of god’s plan and that the holocaust was part of god’s plan and that EVE eating that fruit was part of god’s plan!

If god planned for eve to eat that fruit, then it is gods fault for everything! We have free will but we have gods plan too. That means god anticipates our choices or has a non-linear existence. Either way, he knew what was going to happen and he did nothing, or he planned for it to happen for whatever purpose. This brings me back to god being evil. If something bad is going to happen, and you know about it, you HAVE to stop it if you can. If you do not even try you are morally bankrupt.

Also…if we have free will and then god changes our hearts, isn’t he taking away our free will? He’s altering our choices via mind control…

Of course, all this is BS because there is no god, no eve, and no ultimate plan. And there is no proof anything in the bible is real, no proof at all. The ancient Hebrews injected themselves into history but neither the Roman nor Egyptians have any record of Moses or Jesus...and you would think that those childish mythological stories, with all their magic, would stand out as something noteworthy...

So no, I will not pray your silliness to the sky. Do the world a favor and evolve a bit.

Lord Jesus-Christ Santamaria

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All these can be good ideas but the truth is that our children are falling apart. They watch TV, go to school, hang with friends, and by the time they get home they are more rotten than the apple thats been in my fridge for the last 3 months. I think there is a deeper issue at stake than getting them a library and a community to play with in the park. There is an issue that needs to be addressed within the foundations of a human being. Like a building if these foundations are weak the building is bound to come down even if you have the prettiest building on top. This foundation is a rational belief in God. One that confirms that there has to be 1 true Creator of the universe that is seperate and beyond His creation. Of course this Single and Unique entity must be understood in a rational sense; that God is beyond any terrestrial or possible extra terrestrials imagination and that we are created for a purpose. This purpose is to live a righteous life knowing that we will be brought back to account for our actions. This essential belief in the Creator enables humans to live harmoniously with eachother. We see children growing up and as the years pass there attitudes are becoming worse and the morality of the society is quickly fading into the negative. Instead of our children living and molding their actions only to be in accordance with the law they should further develop there morality to be in accordance to what our human nature tells us is correct or incorrect. The fruits this would produce would be like unlike Toronto has ever seen. Of course an essential element to the formula is to make sure we don't ask them to believe in something that is irrational. Like this Unique and Single entity can have a child or can be split into three. That would destroy the rationale developed in the first place to teach children there is an ultimate Creator that we will surely all return to.


It is a great thing to search for God and answers to our existence.



God is most definitely real. For those who doubt it, read 'The Attempted Murder of God: Hidden Science You Really Need To Know'.



I think it's a nonsense to hope you will go to a place nobody knows if it exists or not.

Do you know anybody whos been who can tell me what it's like?

A bit like the Bible really, before using it as a guide for living your life I think you should have the answers to questions like, Who wrote it and How do you know it's true?

Until I have answers to these questions I will never believe in some ancient religious scribblings in an old book as being a guide to living my life.


The kingdom of heaven is here on earth now today. Anyone is looking for the truth will find it. Go to the quintessence of inside.com and read the new Declaration of Independence.


am i going to hell i promised god something and i did it and i am truly srry plese help me want to no if i will go to hell


yes i am sam who is true god.


Thank you for this reminder. I have prayed this prayer and I will try to memorize it for the future!



tiago dinis

Hey. So the thing is... there is no god. At least not the god that you think there is. How can you explain that god exists just because there's a book that says that? I mean, if someone on the street told me that that he had seen UFO's i probably wouldn't beleive him... would you? How can you say there's a god of love, with so much hatred in this world? I can try to argue that all evil comes from men. But then I say: "And who created men?".


I will spend eternity in the same place i was before I was born. In nothingness.


Where will you.. He-he-he :)

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