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Saturday, September 11, 2004


Wayne Hurlbert

Blogs are very much like the segmentation that is already mainstream.

Television networks are specialized, covering only sports, news, fashion, health, cooking, gardening, and so on.

Radio stations are segmented and highly targeted as well, with each musical genre finding its own niche.

The fact that blogs are following the same trend should come as no surprise. If you want to branch out, and cover topics not normally associated with your blog, there is one solution.

Start a new blog on that topic.

Trevor Cook

Trudy - I heeded your advice on focusing a month or two ago and took my (Australian) election comment off my PR blog and created a new blog for it called, 'from the sidelines'. The rationale being that eighty percent of the traffic for my PR blog is from outside Australia and they have no interest in our election. On the other hand political bloggers in Australia aren't interested in (largely) PR sites. My new site is now attracting some attention - its included as one of Australia's top political blogs on http://www.onlineopinion.com.au/domain an online mag which has created a news aggreagator page to take our feeds and give their readers a little one stop shop for political blog commentary, I've been blogrolled on the ABC (our national broadcaster) election blog site and they've linked to some of my posts. I'm also doing weekly election commentary for another online mag http://www.newmatilda.com/home/newsdetail.asp?NewsID=117
So I think your separation strategy is a good idea.
The reason IMHO is that blogs are content disaggregators - as opposed to traditional media which act as content aggregators. So if we bloggers try to aggregate by putting election, biz and other stuff together we are just going against one of the fundamental facts of the new medium. Blog readers don't want you to create a 'cover everything' newspaper for them - they want to put their own package of very specific stuff together through a blog reader.

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