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Monday, October 25, 2004


Trudy W. Schuett

Here are some indications:





I really can't address the issue of partisan politics because I tend to focus on my specific issues. That may be the thing right there: I'm always hearing of issue-oriented activism, you can find almost anything represented somewhere online. Here are a few causes via Jeff Jarvis:

I know here in AZ a lot of people are concerned about property rights issues and encroachment of military bases, not to mention environmental things. The following is more an indication of our local residents interest in the community.


A few years back, I wrote a letter to the editor about a zoning issue, and 300 people showed up at the next County Supervisor's meeting. ;>)

As for newspapers in general, yes, that's true. People aren't reading them like they used to. I used to read my local every day until I got too busy to sit down and read it. Although I don't really see how that relates to involvement in the governmental process. Having said that, for unique local coverage, you still need the hard-copy paper, but if you have an interest in something specific, you can fill that void by visiting local and state government websites, as well as sites devoted to specific issues.

David Crisp

Just wondering whether you have any actual evidence that there is more public participation in government now than ever before. My impression is that the opposite is true. Both major parties are weaker, voting turnout is down, few congressional and legislative seats are at risk. People don't read newspapers as much, and I haven't seen convincing evidence that the internet is plugging the gap.

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