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Wednesday, February 16, 2005



My comment doesn't regard the major topic of your entry, which I pretty much agree with. But what the heck are you talking about regarding Jessica McClure (the girl who fell down the well) and Midland (the "town" of 100,000 people where it happened)? Having grown up there, and living there when the incident happened and a while afterwards, I can say that Midland is none the worse for wear for the event. Most people there remember it like anyone else who saw it on TV, except with a "that was here!" tacked on. "The whole town will never be the same" is ridiculous; you can find much better examples for your point than this.

American Daughter

In general, I would agree that no one is helped by busybodies. But this case is way different. She is about to be starved and dehydrated to death, a fate we would not even inflict on a convicted serial killer. The folks on death row get a humane injection, not ten days of excruciating agony. No one in America should be quiet on this one.


Thank you for a thoughful and reasoned post.


Once it got into the courts it became a matter of public record and therefore of public interest. Regardless of how one feels about this issue, it has now become a public issue and the public will have its say - eventually to the matter of settling law on this issue.

It would have been better had this remained a purely family issue - but the disagreements between family members apparently became intractable and thus resort was made to the courts. The cat is firmly out of the bag and there's not putting it back in.

Additionally, the issue has risen to the level of national importance because there must be a national, public debate about the how, why and when a person die when they incapable of speaking for themselves.


I implore you to reconsider your view of this. Not because I'm involved in the blogburst, but because Terri Schiavo's family has ASKED for publicity. They've hired Randall Terry (see http://www.societyfortruthandjustice.com/ ) to handle the media and organization of activists. There are professionals that know what we're doing and continue to ask for our support.

I can understand where you may be coming from, but not all situations are the same. If you are interested, you should see what we're doing, particularly at the Hyscience blog ( http://hyscience.typepad.com/hyscience/terri_schiavos_life_counts/index.html ). He's organizing the blogging effort because he is a friend of the family, has been involved with this for some time, and has spoken with Randall Terry about all of this.

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