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Monday, July 04, 2005


roger fulton

Hello, Teacher. As promised got my own blog site up, wet and sloppy but it's up address above. Hope you will hitch-hike it around the system and pass suggestions back to me as I am as a sponge, ready and willing to absorb any and all suggestions. Threw it up on MSN in an hour and have been addicted every since.
Can't stop, as you predicted, can't stay away from it, now am daunted with task of promoting the blogsite address everywhere. Ideas please.

As to your column comments, look to the recent edition of the hometown newspapers and writing, speech classes at or new your own town. English not taught or written word not expressed properly by teachers. State auditors catching "moulders of young minds" in classroom not being able to pronounce nor spell correctly. THE TEACHERS!!
"Danger Will Robinson, Danger." We must blog the land, ring the alarms and get back to basics starting with the School Boards, am I not too much of an alarmist? I dare say, the newspaper column will not see the light of day in the state capitol.
Daunting Roger

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